On Unbolding

Just to follow up with what should be the final update on the RSS thing, in the last few days I've bought a license for NetNewsWire and deleted my blo.gs subscriptions. The number of sites I'm reading continues to grow - this morning it's at 217 (up from 149 a month ago).

I've noticed a couple of things happening as a result of this change:

I'm also reminded of some of Leonard's thoughts on info-glut from a few weeks ago:

Normally [...] you don't worry that much if you missed a show, or if there are other good things on. However, Tivo changes this relationship for many people. There's a "queue" to go through. Note that current generation RSS readers linearize blogs analogously. This is bad.

and the classic quote from Lane Becker:

I feel like I make things un-bold for a living now

Now I'm living with yet another source of unbolding on a daily basis I imagine I'll be thinking around this area some more.

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