London Javascript Night

Quick announcement - I'm speaking about "Javascript Idioms" at the first London Javascript Night on the 25th of May.

In conference-abstract speak:

As with any language, Javascript has developed a set of idioms. Understanding them is essential to reading typical javascript code, and offers an insight into the realities of writing client-side code on the web.

There's a whole bunch of strange things that people do in Javascript, like function(){…}() or for(i=a.length;i-- >0;){…}. Most of these make no sense to people coming from other programming languages (or to many javascripters). A few make no sense at anyone.

I'm aiming to shed some light on what they do, and why they're used.

I'll probably also end up trying to get some cheap laughs by mocking javascript and the people that write it.

If that's not enough, Simon will also be discussing javascript frameworks and whether they're any good.

There's still some free time on the schedule - if you've got an idea for a talk, even if it's just 5 minutes, let the organisers know

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