"Javascript Idioms" at London JS night

I spoke earlier tonight at the first London Javascript Night.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, my talk was on Javascript Idioms. I used it as an opportunity to go through some good and bad bits of Javascript code, highlighting the things that make Javascript different to most other programming languages, and things for newcomers to look into.

For those that missed it, my slides are here.

It was a fun evening, with a good crowd, and a nice mix of speakers. I particularly liked the progression through the first 4 talks - Greg setting the scene, Mark introducing the language, me talking about some of it's culture, and Simon talking about existing codebases.

Tom I's talk on E4X was surprisingly funny once he got into his stride, Dan's talk was short and to the point, and Tom C did a great talk, considering he had no way to actually demo anything.

Thanks to Greg and Dean for pulling it all together.

It's well worth keeping an eye on the London Javascript Night site over the next few days for links to the other presentations.

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