Barcamp London 2006

Barcamp London was over a week ago at the Yahoo offices in London.

I've been reflecting on what happened, and like Ian I think it was a near-perfect barcamp. I led a session at the end of Sunday about what we could change, and we couldn't find a single suggestion that even three people could agree on. Even the wired internet had it's fans.

The success of an event like barcamp is really important for London and the UK - it makes it much easier to organise similar events in the future. In particular, it has opened the doors to new venues and sponsorship opportunities. Yahoo got a huge amount out of the event, and other companies will definitely want to be involved next time.

Thanks to Ben, Ian and Murray for organising it, and the attendees for making it what it is. Expect another barcamp and other similar-yet-different events to happen in the near future.

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