Paul Hammond, 19 January 2014

Logtime is a small service that makes timestamps human readable.

Anyone who’s spent any time debugging production systems has had the frustrating experience of trying to correlate the timestamps in a log file with something that happened in the real world.

The log files are usually in UTC when you want them in localtime, or worse, the other way around. Even if you can remember that San Francisco is 8 hours ahead of UTC in the winter actually doing the mental arithmetic is annoying. And some log files helpfully use unreadable timestamps like @4000000052d7c9e300000000 or 1389873600. If you’re lucky you can remember the right incantations to the date command to convert what you want; I can’t so I made something instead.

It’s not quite done. I’m sure I’ve missed a few common time formats, and I’d like to see how, and if, it gets used before working out what to add next.